November 6, 2022 AdGurus

Free Facebook Conversions API (cAPI) server analytics for all our partners

Additionally we're consulting on setting up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to future proof analytics moving forward.

iOS 14 and ad blocking technologies are killing pixel tracking for advertisers. Recognizing the importance of reliable analytics and dependence on algorithmic targeting in a cookie-less, privacy conscious world we’re happy to announce that we are offering Conversions API tracking to all our managed Facebook Ads clients for free. No development needed, no custom paid solutions, it will just work.

Starting on Monday 6th of November, 2022 all Meta ad accounts will have the integration in place using AdGurus AWS Conversions API server. This will save each advertiser up to €100 per month considering the pricing on similar services offering this capability.

What is Conversions API?

Conversions API is a server side technology developed by Facebook (Meta) that connects a clients web site directly with Meta to track events on how users are interacting with content and converting. This has a direct impact on campaign performance, including better cost per conversion (CPA) and ROAS.

Why is Conversions API important?

Facebook conversions API allows you to send data to Facebook (Meta), that regular tracking through the pixel is increasingly blocked by iOS 14 privacy settings, ad blockers and other such technologies. This has a direct impact on campaign performance since better tracking and analytics provides more complete signals to targeting algorithms to get you better results for your campaigns.

Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to future proof analytics moving forward.

Additionally, any partners that haven’t done so already or are having trouble setting up GA4 we are actively working with them to set up the new version of analytics including custom conversion tracking of important events and conversions including e-commerce tracking.

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