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How to target Facebook Group audiences + 3 other advanced Facebook ad hacks

1. How to target Facebook Group audiences

Although Facebook doesn’t natively give you the option to target Facebook Group Audiences there is a workaround to achieve this:

Step 1: Create a Video on your Facebook Business Page

It is important that the video you create provides significant value to the users you’re targeting and isn’t a hard sell. This will minimize the potential that the group admins will ban it and that it will accrue a lot of views.

Step 2: Grab the URL of the Post and immediately ‘Hide It’ from your page
Step 3: Take said Video or Post URL (now hidden) and Publish it in Target Group
Step 4: Create Custom Audience of Video Views (3 Seconds)

Since the only place the video can be viewed is in the group where you ‘published’ it…you will create a custom audience of those that have viewed it in your target group. First go the audience section of your business manager and select create custom audience. Then select video:

Then use the custom audience to run targeted ads 🙂

2. How to target users that have been to a specific location, a restaurant or maybe even the White House.

Although this only works with competitors that have physical locations this is a great hack to target your competitors customers especially if they are not available as interests in ads manager:

Drop a pin on the location, and reduce it to 1 mile. Then drop multiple pins 1 mile each around the location and exclude them until you are left with a small blue section around the location you desire (it can take a try or two to dial it in). From there change the drop down to “People recently in this location” and Facebook should pick up on folks who have been inside our designated location. It’s sorta a cheap geo-fencing.

With the example below, you could target folks who may have visited/been in the White House recently. You know, in case you have some things you wanna say:


3. How to find out which interests other advertisers are using to target their ads.

Next time you see and ad and wondering how the advertiser targeted you, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the ad and select “Why am I seeing this ad?”:

As you can see from this example their targeting criteria is People 20-45 in Greece with interest in Design.  You will see whenever advertisers have used, retargeting, similar audiences, customer lists and other commonly used targeting options.

Bonus: Where did the ‘Info & Ads’ section go?

Until recently, every business page had an ‘Info & Ads’ section that you could spy on other people’s ads. Facebook just moved this to a page where you can search everyone’s ads:


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