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Giveaway: 3 custom Google Analytics reports to help you analyze your campaigns

Get better data to improve your ROI and ROAS

As a marketer mindful on your ROI and ROAS, you are constantly analyzing your campaigns to make sure they’re successful. It’s not always easy to find the right data, and this is where Google Analytics shines. The preset reports usually cover most marketers’ needs but with custom reports it’s possible for you to get deeper insights into campaign metrics that go beyond standard reporting capabilities like traffic sources and audience analysis on your website. Because there’s nothing worse than investing in a marketing campaign that doesn’t deliver results. 

First though, what are Google Analytics custom reports? 

Custom reports are reports that you create. You pick the dimensions (traffic source or campaigns, for example) and metrics (Sessions, Conversions, and Bounce Rate, for example) and decide how they should be displayed.

How to create and access your custom reports in Google Analytics? 

In the left hand column (on Desktop) of your GA reports you will see the customization menu and in there you will find your custom reports.

And now, here are four free reports every marketer we hope you find useful when analyzing your campaigns. 

Report 1: Get insights in what these ‘Other search terms’ Google Ads is hiding from you are.

As you might have noticed google recently announced that “In order to maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data, we have made changes to our Search Terms Report to only include terms that a significant number of users searched for”. We have noticed as much as 50% of search terms are now missing from the report which is a whole lot. For now there is a workaround and this is creating a search term report in Google Analytics. 

Click here to add the Google Ads search term report to your Google Analytics.

Customization: You can always edit the report to track transactions and revenue instead of Goal Completions. You might also want to track specific Goals and not all of them in general.

Report 2: Analyze your add to carts (ATC), Revenue and ROAS across all your paid ads

With marketers running Facebook and Instagram Ads alongside Google Ads it is important to be able to compare all your campaigns in a single report to better allocate budget not across channels only but across all your campaigns. To make that judgement you need to see traffic quality metrics like bounce rate, session time and pages per session, but also ATC, Revenue and ROAS. Here’s what the report looks like:

Click here to add the ATC, Revenue and ROAS report to your Google Analytics.

Customization: This report assumes you’re using cpc as your medium across all your paid campaigns. Adjust as necessary.  Even though this report contacts Facebook and Instagram campaigns cost data is available. That’s because we import all our cost data in Google Analytics.

Report 3: Analyze all your Facebook / Instagram / Messenger / Audience Network ads

One of the annoying things in Facebook reporting is that the reporting only gives you metrics on what happens on Facebook’s platforms and not so much what users do when they land on your website. Especially when launching new campaigns it is very useful to know things like bounce rates and session times to get fast insights on how these campaigns are performing before you spend a lot if your budget. By clicking on the source/medium you can see the metrics for the individual campaigns:

Click here to download the Social Ad report.

This report assumes that you are dynamically adding utm parameters using the ‘site_source_name’ dynamic parameter in the source field and that you are using ‘cpc’ as the utm_medium.

That’s it. Hope you find these useful!

Need help with your campaigns? Whether you’re an Agency or a Client, I can help you get to the next level with your Facebook and Google Ads Campaigns.

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Yannis Giovanos is the founder of adgurus.gr and has been running Google Ads since 2009 and Facebook Ads since 2014.


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