November 19, 2023 AdGurus

In the ever-evolving landscape of performance marketing, staying ahead of the technological curve is not just a goal; it’s an essential strategy for success. Technology is disrupting every aspect of marketing and being able to leverage new tools is essential in all aspects of Digital Marketing. This is why we are excited to announce our latest experiment – a custom GPT tool designed specifically for Google Ads management. This initiative reflects our ongoing efforts to integrate innovative solutions into our day to day modus operandi.

How we created the AdGurus PPC GPT

On November 6, 2023 OpenAI announced the ability to create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills. So within a few days we jumped on the task to create our own version.

To build this tool, we compiled an extensive range of publicly available resources on Google Ads, coupled with our agency’s in-house developed operating procedures and best practices. Our goal was to create a resource that offers more specific and up-to-date guidance than what general models provide and that reflects our unique way of managing the Google Ads platform.

An experiment for the community

This tool is still in its experimental phase, but it has the potential to aid anyone involved in managing Google Ads. We view this as our contribution to the community, sharing a resource that leverages AI to potentially enhance Google Ads strategies.

An Evolving Innovation

We plan to keep refining and updating the tool with the latest in Google Ads features. Our most recent update includes information on the new “Demand Gen” campaign type which the standard model knows nothing about since it is beyond its current cutoff date.

Explore the AdGurus PPC GPT and Connect with Us

We invite you to explore our custom GPT tool at and see how it might assist in your Google Ads endeavors. For any thoughts, feedback, or collaborative ideas, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at Yannis Giovanos.

Yannis Giovanos


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