Case study: MYA Collection

The brief

When we started working with MYA Collection, they were already running ads on Facebook and Instagram. We leveraged our performance marketing experience and set up new fashion marketing campaigns mapping them on each stage of the marketing funnel. We used Facebook and Instagram Ads as well as Google Shopping Ads in such a way so that in the first month we had an all-time record in sales and have continued to grow from there.


  • 98.43% Revenue  Growth in the first year
  • € 150.000+ Revenue Growth in the first year
  • 30% Order Growth in the first month

How we did it - created a marketing funnel

  1. Organic Content: All organic and traffic from influencers essentially enters the funnel here
  2. Awareness campaigns: We used Google Shopping and Instagram Catalog ads to reach new prospective clients
  3. Middle of the funnel: Leverage curated content, carousels and shopping experiences on social to further engage potential customers
  4. Conversion campaigns: Used Google Search brand campaigns and retargeting to convert engaged users into customers
  5. Repeat Byers: Used retargeting on selected content to retarget previous customers and generate repeat sales

Indicative Ads

About the Client

MYA’s vision is to design and create women’s clothing, inspired by its explorations of exotic places and different cultures around the world. They create unique collections that represent each woman separately.

Their journey began in 2016 by Dimitra Nika to fulfill the dream of creating her own brand. Affected by her travel experiences, she now gives the sense of beauty and freedom to every modern woman.

MYA taps into that sense of beauty, love & freedom that so compliments the female spirit. The vibrant, expressive part of you that emerges on vacation & real world, MYA brings that spirit to life, wherever you are.

#fashion #fashionmarketing

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