December 20, 2018 yannis

We would like to thank the leadership team of SingularityU Greece Summit for giving us the opportunity to work on such an important and impactful project.

The challenge from the onset was to reach CEO’s and top level executives all over Greece, the Balkans and around the Mediterranean and convince them to attend the event.

We started off by launching the website and social media channels, then we utilized LinkedIn’s B2B Advertising platform which allowed us to target specifically the executives we were looking for. Then we aggressively retargetted all our leads with Facebook and Google Ads to create an echo chamber effect and make the event the ‘talk of the town’ (the business town, at least).

We complemented our strategy by creating a lively Facebook community and had planned with the leadership team from the start to invest in video interviews with all the speakers. This helped massively in communicating the quality and scope of the speakers and the event.

One week before launch the event was sold out.



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